(July 23- August 22)

Symbol: The Lion: Regal, Brave, Dominating. Possessing nobility and pride

Ruling Planet: The Sun: Center or our solar system. In astrology, the sun is the most powerful planetary influence, bestowing vitality and authority

Your Most Likable Trait: Exuberance

Dominant Keyword: I Will

Special Colors: Gold and Orange. The magnetic colors of the sun

Part of the body ruled by Leo: Back, Spine, and Heart

Birthstone: Peridot: Prosperity, Loyalty, Ability to Express True Feelings

Magical Birthstone: Ruby: Protects against physical injury and ensures faithfulness. Brings serenity to the mind

Leo Sun Sign In Love

Leo Woman:

What a Leo woman wants is Praise! Never make a Leo woman feel like she’s in competition with anyone else because she feels like once you found her, there is no reason to search for any other woman. You hardly ever see her without a man by her side  because she wears them like arm candy. This woman is flamboyant, heavy queen energy, dazzles & attracts. She usually has several men waiting on her hand and foot.

A Leo woman feels she was born to be someone special and she must express that. Happily, she finds enormous self- expression in love. A Leo woman gives her heart fully with no boundaries. Her romantic nature is intense and expects her partner to be able to handle it. A Leo woman thrives in marriage, and demands the best from her lover. She has the ability to dominate the entire relationship but deep down it will only be temporary pleasure as she needs a man that can rule her castle with her.

A Leo Woman requires constant affection & admiration to make the relationship truly blossom. Do these things and you will have a perfect Queen emotionally fit for a King.

Leo Man:

He falls in love readily, then finds it hard to sustain the emotion. Falling out of love is like falling out of bed in the morning. However the Leo Mans love is high drama, and a grand passion. No one else in the zodiac can make you feel like you and him are made for each other as he puts you center stage. 

 A Leo man likes a woman to cater this every whim yet would be surprised to hear himself described as demanding. He believes he is open hearted, trusting, and is asking for nothing but what he is entitled too. In pleasing him, they please themselves. He believes everyone is equal… and equally ready to serve him!

Underneath this mask however, a Leo man is a very sensitive & vulnerable lion who needs reassurance and praise. Praise is necessary to him as food and water. Get on his good side and a Leo man will be an affectionate, cheerful companion. He is kind, strong, generous, likes to spend money on luxury items, and usually successful in business. A woman who gets with this flamboyant, over achiever type of man with serious sun energy has to teach him that there are two people in the relationship because most of the time he focuses primarily only on the happiness of himself.

Pet Peeve for Leo Men: Heavy makeup on women

Pet Peeve for Leo Women: A cheap date

Health Tips: Whole wheat & rye products, almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, figs, lemons, apples, peaches, coconut, rice, seafood, beets, asparagus, romaine, and egg yolk. Foods that aid the circulation and have blood making properties include beef, lamb, poultry, liver, fresh fruit, salad greens, cheese, whole milk, and yogurt. Foods rich in iron, such as spinach, raisins, and dates, are recommended for Leos. Plums, pears, and oranges reduce heart strain.

Erogenous Zone: Sweeping caresses over the back and spine sexually stimulate and excite Leos. Try a sponge bath and go over their back with a fresh loofah. After a nice warm bath use your hands or a soft bristle brush with organic coconut oil to massage the back starting with the lower part of the spine. This technique will relax and sooth a Leo and soon the will be ready to be intimate with you!


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